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Bilingual First Solutions is a boutique recruitment firm specializing in full cycle bilingual placement of English/French in the Greater Toronto Area and the province of Ontario.

​Our client portfolio is comprised of diverse industries.  We staff all levels of bilingual positions in office administration, professional and management roles.​  Recently we have moved to a new location and are positioned to offer competitive rates.   Our primary focus is ​ presenting screened and tested bilingual speaking candidates to clients to interview and hire for bilingual positions. Clients over the years have been very satisfied with  ​our screening and selection process of candidates and have experienced a reduction in turnover.


​Although bilingualism in Ontario has been considered an additional ​competency, we have a different ​opinion.  Being bilingual equips candidates with more than language fluency.  The bilingual individuals have a sensitivity and knowledge of different cultures, modes of expression, behaviors and will enhance your corporate culture with clients and stakeholders.

For the last five years our experience has been that the Toronto labor market has demonstrated an increasing demand for fully bilingual employees in more sectors. Our expertise includes conducting  ​professional, management and executive searches. 

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